LED Neon Lights

Neon Lights are classic and have a long and storied history in the United States. Neon signs were first introduced in 1910 in Paris by Georges Claude. Claude, an engineer by trade, figured out that if he sent voltage through electrodes in a sealed glass tube filled with the rarified gas, the result was a “glow discharge.”  Georges Claude was not the first person to figure this out. However, he produced industrial quantities of the gas as a byproduct of his main line of business: air liquefaction.

After Claude brought his neon signs to the United States in 1923, it just took off. Almost immediately, Neon started to be seen in New York, where Times Square became known for all of its Neon. Some of the earliest signs in New York were Loft’s Candies and Willys-Overland Motors. (Willys was the first manufacturer of the still popular Jeep.)  The Willys sign is considered the first roof sign in Times Square. Soon there were over 75,000 lighted signs in New York City, many Neon.

The other location in the US known for its Neon is Las Vegas, with the first Neon Sign being placed by the Oasis Café in 1929.

This was the Golden Age of Neon, but it didn’t last, with Neon signs falling out of style by the 1950s. There was a small revival in the 1980s, but Neon was never to be as popular as it was before World War 2.

That doesn’t mean that there are no more lighted signs. It just means Neon (or Argon with Mercury, depending on the desired color) is not as popular as it used to be. Now we have LED. LED lights are now the primary source of lighting in illuminated signs. LEDs are more efficient, have more vibrant colors, last longer, and are more cost-effective than Neon. LEDs are also safer since there is no need for dangerous elements such as Mercury. 

Are you feeling nostalgic for some old-school Neon? Well, no need to worry. With LED lights, we can recreate the look and feel of Neon lights without the expense or risk involved.

In a head-to-head comparison of Glass Neon vs. LED Neon, the only area in which Glass Neon beats LED is in the area of nostalgia. The areas where LED is superior to Glass Neon include:

  • LED Neon is cheaper to manufacture.
  • LED Neon is far more durable and flexible, while Glass Neon is highly fragile.
  • Lower energy costs
  • Shatter-proof, heat-proof, and no dangerous gases or metals.
  • LED Neon is much easier to install.
  • LED Neon is lightweight and easy to transport. Neon is heavy and difficult to ship.
  • LED Neon has a lifespan of 100,000 hours, unlike Glass Neon’s 10,000 hours.
  • No maintenance, no sound pollution, no interference with Wi-Fi or remote controls

The list goes on. Two other significant benefits of LED Neon are its flexibility and its color varieties. The thin, flexible tubes of LED Neon can be bent in any way you need. You can even make tight bends to make intricate shapes. As for the colors, there are more options than were available with Neon, and as we mentioned, there is no need to use Mercury or any other dangerous metal or noble gas, for that matter. The best part is that there are no restrictions on LED, while many jurisdictions have limited or even banned the use of glass neon due to its risks. Interested in an LED Neon sign for your business? Give us a call, and we will help you figure out what you need.

Get Ready for your Next Trade Show

For many businesses, one of the best ways to get in front of new potential clients and customers is at a trade show. However, setting up a booth at a trade show takes some planning. Burhani Signs and Graphics can help you with practically every aspect of planning for your trade show.

Getting ready for a trade show means you have to be prepared to sell. You have to bring your A-game. You also have to bring the people on your staff who know your business, can be open and friendly and can make the sale. One of the first things you need to consider is how your booth will be set up. You want to make your space inviting and comfortable and make sure your visitors know who you are and what you do.

When a new person approaches your booth, the first thing they will see is the tabletop display where you can attach signs, photos, or other graphics which are easily attached with a Velcro receptive backing.  In the center of the display is a dry-erase board where you can keep up-to-the-minute information regarding events you are planning.  This display will announce who you are with authority and can give your visitors plenty of information, such as your company name, phone number, and website address, even if they do not stop at your booth. When people stop in to ask questions, strategically placed retractable banners reiterate your business name and logo regardless of where they are standing and in what direction they are looking.

Once you have caught their eye with your tabletop display, they will look down to check out everything else you have. Burhani Signs and Graphics can help you with practically everything you need, from table coverings, additional signs, flyers, business cards, brochures, and even customized folders to gather everything together to give to your visitors, so they have everything in one place.

If you are new to tradeshows, give us a call to learn what we can help you with. The last thing you want is to get to the trade show and realize you don’t have the proper signs or you didn’t get enough business cards or brochures to hand out throughout the day and the entire show duration.

If you are a trade show veteran, we can help you restock your business cards and brochures. After multiple uses, it may also be time to check your signs for wear and tear. New signs may also be necessary if you have recently rebranded your business. The last thing you want is to go through a rebranding project, then get to a trade show and realize your signs have your old logo and the wrong phone number.

At Burhani Signs and Graphics, we work with businesses and organizations of all types, getting them ready for shows or presentations. Regarding a trade show, you will be one of several vendors who do what you do. You will want to stand out making a visit to your booth an experience they will remember. So let us be your trade show partner. Call us to see all of the ways we can get you prepared for the big day.

Awnings for Your Business or Your Home

If you are looking for a great way for your business to stand out from the competition, an awning sign can be a very distinctive way to advertise your business.

Awnings have a very long and storied history dating back to the Roman Empire. A retractable awning called a velarium was used to provide shade at the Roman Colosseum. Awnings are also traced back to the ancient civilizations in Egypt and Syria where structures were built with woven materials to shade customers at market stalls and even at people’s homes.

The awnings that we see now on private and commercial buildings or as signs at a retail location also have a long history in the United States dating back to the early to the mid-19th century. The industrial revolution in the United States often called the second industrial revolution, started in 1820 and extended through the Civil War until about 1870. During that time, technical advancements improved quality of life and led to inventions such as the sewing machine, the lightbulb, the steam engine, and even telephones and eventually, a combustible engine.

Another technology that made significant advances during this time was plumbing, and it was thanks to plumbing that the first awnings were created. Using plumbing pipes as a frame due to their durability and ease to cut and shape, they were often covered with cotton duck canvas and used as decorations on buildings, for shade, and to create signs to promote business.

Over the years the materials used for awnings have changed and improved. While pipes are still used in some cases, the old plumbing pipes have been replaced with welded frames. These frames allow the fabric to be pulled tight over the frame, looking more professional with a cleaner look. Fabric over a welded frame lasts longer and if you decide to change the fabric, it is much easier to do so, saving you money in the long run.

Besides the materials used for the frame. The material used for the canvas has also changed. Duck canvas was replaced with vinyl, which is far more durable, and less prone to fading and wear and tear. Other materials such as acrylic and polyester were also very popular in the latter part of the 20th century.

Awnings have only gained in popularity into the 21st century with lightweight welded frames and strong and sturdy fade-resistant fabrics. While these awnings are extremely popular with businesses, awnings are also very popular with homeowners using them as decorative accents over doors and windows to provide shade from the sun and protection from the rain creating a space where you can enjoy your yard or entertain friends regardless of the weather.
Burhani Signs and Graphic provides top-quality awnings with a sign guaranteed to last despite the extreme differences in weather we experience here. If you are looking for a way to make your business stand out, or even a way to create a protected space at home, give us a call to discuss the options an awning can provide.

Windows Decals can be Quite Versatile

Windows decals can be quite versatile.  From permanent decorations and branding to safety requirements to advertising seasonal specials, window decals are a great and inexpensive way to transform your establishment and brand your business.

New York State Regulations

New York State requires, “Transparent glass doors and fixed adjacent transparent glass sidelights shall be marked in two areas on the glass surface thereof. One such area shall be located at least 30, but not more than 36 inches and the other at least 60, but not more than 66 inches above the ground, floor or equivalent surface below the door or sidelight.”

The law requires two rows of markings.  One row is at about 6 feet above the ground and the other at about 3 feet.  This is to ensure that people of all heights could see the markings.  The markings could be etched into the glass, any opaque marking material, or they can be adhesive strips or decals.

This law is a great opportunity for branding.  You can use decals of your logo at the appropriate height to both satisfy the requirements and let people know who you are.

Branding Your Business

Even if there are no requirements for markings in your window, decals are a great way to brand your business without having to hire a company to do expensive chemical etchings or sandblasting to achieve the effect you are looking for.  Even if you want to have that etched look, you can still do so in a way that costs far less and doesn’t cause a permanent mark.  If you are renting your space, if you are even allowed to etch the glass, you will be responsible for replacing it when you vacate the property, which can be a very expensive proposition.

Whether you are going for an old-school look or you are going with a modern look and feel, window decals can give you whatever look you are going for.

Another benefit of a decal is if you are planning on upgrading your look or rebranding your business, all you have to do is remove the decal and replace it with a new one.

Seasonal Sales

A well-made decal will last for years.  When made with the right materials, the colors will not fade in the sun.  Since decals are relatively easy to change and the cost is very reasonable, you can change your decals with the season.  Advertise your Back-to-School specials over the summer, then switch them out to get ready for the holiday season, then again as we head back into the spring.

Whether you are required to place decals by law or you are rebranding your business, decals are a great way to let the public that you are ready to do business.  Remember, that a business with no sign is a sign of no business.

Custom T-Shirts Build Esprit de Corps

Esprit de Corps (pronounced espree de core) is a French term that mean “spirit of the body.”  This phrase describes the feeling of unity and cohesion within a group that enables them to act as a unit and achieve their goals. The term is often used in the context of the military. However, that spirit that makes members of a group want to succeed can be seen in your scouting troop, little league baseball team, high school football team, cheerleading squad, and even the chess team.

One thing that most of these groups have in common is that they have a uniform. When they are at work, on the field, or performing community service, the team members are usually dressed in their official uniforms. The uniform identifies the team members as being a unified group with the same goals. They wear their uniform with pride to show the world around them that they are part of the team.

There are times when you don’t have to be in full uniform. A football team or a cheerleading squad isn’t going to be in full uniform when they get together off the field. However, that feeling of unity and pride follows them wherever they go. In Scouting, the official uniform is often referred to as their Class As. Most troops also have a t-shirt that includes their troop’s emblem and motto that can be worn when Class As are not required. These t-shirts are universally, but unofficially, known as Class Bs.

Branded t-shirts are a great way to extend that esprit de corps and show unity and pride when your group is out in the world. Custom t-shirts are great whether you are creating a shirt for everyday use or are custom designing a shirt for a specific event, such as a fundraiser or the start of a new season.

Over the years, we have worked with teams, school clubs, cheerleading squads, and community groups to create custom shirts. These shirts have brought groups together, led to pride in membership, and led teams to work together for a common cause. We love the feeling these groups have when they design and wear their custom creations. Let us help you build pride and cohesion within your organization. Let us create the esprit de corps within your team.

Custom Wall Murals

Nothing adds personality to your space quite like a full-wall mural.  Adding a custom-made, one-of-a-kind wall mural to your space adds interest, promotes your company, highlights your achievements, brands your business, and most importantly, it enhances the look and feel of your office or space.

When we walk into an office and see a blank wall, we see a blank canvas that is ready to explode with style and color while communicating your message to your customers and guests.  We have been making murals for a wide range of businesses and organizations for years.

Whether you own a business and want to promote your successes or a school or club that wants to highlight unity and success or a non-profit that wants to show off the good works achieved, a mural is a great way to utilize space that was once considered to be wasted.  With our murals, you can now utilize your space from floor to ceiling adding a sense of urgency and excitement in a fun, exciting, and unique way.

Murals can be used for any number of purposes including:

  • Brand recognition
  • Generating camaraderie and unity within your organization
  • Promote events
  • Announce new business or political ventures
  • Advertise a product, service, or campaign
  • Display a motto, slogan, or core values
  • Show a floor map or directory in a fun and creative way

Devoting space to a wall mural is a distinctive way to impress your guests and bring life to an otherwise drab and boring wall.  Your business or organization is unique, and you have spent a lot of time branding and growing.  Let a wall mural expand on the work you have done in a personalized way.  When you have a large area to work with, you are able to get far more creative and you can make bolder choices since the larger canvas is able to display more and show off your creative decisions very effectively.

If you really want to be creative, the decals that make up the murals can turn corners and expand past a single wall.  If you want to get creative, you can extend your wall mural as far as you want to go.

If you need ideas about enhancing your space’s décor with a mural, give us a call.  We are happy to help you design your perfect mural.

Channel Letters

You may not know the term “channel letter” but you see them all over. When you stop for your morning coffee, you probably see the name of the famous coffee chain in big, white, back-lit, block letters on the building over the entrance to the store. Those letters are an example of Channel Letters. These letters, which may also be an example of an architectural sign, are designed to be easy to read, be lit up, be seen both from a distance and up close, and are made from long-lasting durable materials.

Channel letters all start the same way: with an aluminum can. These “cans” are hollow and are shaped specifically to match practically any font you want to use. When the individual letters are made, they resemble oversized cookie cutters ready to be used by the Jolly Green Giant. After the letters are prepared, the sign can be made to be lit or displayed in different ways.

Push-Thru Channel Letters

Not all channel letters, such as the coffee shop example alluded to above, have a backing to them. The letters are or appear to be individually mounted to the building or wall allowing the letter to blend into the environment. Push-Thru Channel Letters, on the other hand, have a backing that is part of the overall design. The name of the design alludes to the idea that it looks as if the letters are being pushed through the backing panel giving the entire sign a very unique look which is great for branding. Push-Thru Channel Letters are a common way many corporations bring their logos to life in three dimensions.

Standard Channel Letters

Back to the coffee shop. These are your standard channel letters. The front of the letter is covered with a plastic or acrylic face that can be made in any number of colors to match your logo. Lights mounted in each letter illuminate the signs so they can be seen at night and from a distance.

Halo Lit Letters

Halo-lit channel letters, also called reverse-lit letters don’t have the same color face that standard letters have. Instead, the light and colors are designed to come out of the back or sides to give each of the letters a halo effect. These letters must be mounted at least an inch from the wall to give the light somewhere to go to produce the desired lighting effect.

Exposed Channel Letters

If you want to give your letters a little bit of extra pop, consider using exposed channel letters. These letters start off like standard letters, except they do not have an opaque color. They may be covered to protect the letters from the elements and birds nesting, but the clear covering exposes the lights in the letters, which are part of the design. They could be individual bulbs or they could be colored neon lights. Regardless, the channel letters show your font while the exposed lighting gives the letter style and personality. A famous example of exposed channel letters is the letters of the famous Winter Garden Theatre in Manhattan. The channel letters are filled with individual bulbs in large letters on the front of the marquee and smaller letters on the top of each of the sides of the marquee.

Channel letters are a great way to brand your business. Letters can be made in a wide variety of fonts and colors, and there are many lighting options available to make your signs really stand out and brand your business. When considering a sign for your business, channel letters are a great way to go.

Commercial Signage vs Architectural Signage

The goal of any sign is to announce the presence of your business or to relay information about your business such as a new location opening, a holiday sale, or, as many businesses are doing after a long period of COVID, announcing a grand reopening.  Whether you need a standard commercial sign, or an architectural sign depends on your requirements and what the sign is going to be used for.

In general, commercial signs are designed for a shorter lifecycle.  They may be made with less durable materials that are not designed to last a very long time.  These signs are generally meant to be viewed from a distance and may even have fasteners or seams showing if you look at the sign up close.

Commercial signs are dominated by a company message and branding, are often mass-produced, and typically include bright colors and styles designed to catch the eye.

Architectural signs, by contrast, are designed to complement the architectural style of the building or environment.  They incorporate brand identity, are made with higher-end building materials, have high attention to detail, and are designed to be able to be viewed up close without exposing fasteners or seams.  Architectural signs are designed to last for a long period, so the quality of the materials used is important.  They should not deteriorate, rust, or fade over time.  They are meant to endure the storms of winter and be baked by intense UV in the summer.

Requirements for Architectural Signage

As stated above, commercial signs are designed for brief use.  They may be in place for a few days or even a few months, but they are not designed to blend into the environment.  Quite the contrary, they are designed to stand out.  While you want your architectural sign to stand out, they are not designed to overpower the area.  Architectural signs follow several rules.

  • They must match the architectural design of the environment.  Think about high-end malls or shopping areas.  These malls are designed to be beautiful with intricate designs that attract high-end retailers and shoppers.  These places are not going to want any of the tenants placing gaudy, oversized signs with loud colors that detract from the ambiance of the overall shopping experience.  These signs blend into the surrounding environment so the overall aesthetic is not disturbed.
  • They must incorporate your brand’s identity.  Having a sign that blends into the environment may be great, but the sign must also incorporate your branding, or the sign will be meaningless for your business.  You still want the sign to let people know who you are.
  • Accurately Portray a Wayfinding message.  We often think of signs are that are directly over the entrance to a location, however, sometimes, signs are either some distance from your location, or the purpose of the sign is to help people to find their way, such as with a floor plan, a map, or simply an arrow pointing in the right direction.

Architectural signs can be made with a variety of materials, but they must all be durable and designed for a long lifecycle.  These signs require proper thought and planning and often incorporate design elements or materials from the surrounding areas.  They also have to be able to be removed and replaced over time so they can be changed in the event they are damaged or if certain details change, such as tenants moving out and new tenants moving in, or a reconfiguration of the area that requires signs to be updated with new information. An architectural sign compliments or even enhances the area.  They help people find their way and they announce the location of a business, or they are a vital part of the overall branding of a building or facility.  Regardless of what the purpose of the sign is, or the material needed, Burhani Signs and Graphics has years of experience in both designing architectural signs as well as making them to your exacting specifications.  If you need more information about architectural or even commercial signs, give us a call.

Retractable Banners

Rather than quote oft disputed percentages regarding how people retain information, there actually have been studies that prove tend to remember things they see more clearly than what they hear. Basically, that’s why businesses would rather spend a small fortune on commercials you can see on television and internet rather than on radio ads like the old days. With the amount of imagery that is bombarded at us daily, having a unique sign to advertise your business is going to make a greater impact than those annoying intercom announcements that many stores utilize to get their point across. Consider a retractable banner instead both to advertise your company and to create an impression that will lead to future business. Additionally, this portable signage makes for a quick, consistent setup at trade shows, conferences, or events.


These banners literally retract into a fraction of their size when deployed. This is particularly useful if you don’t feel like renting a van to transport your advertising materials from one location to another. Having a sign that expands to a much larger size but still fits into a compact car’s trunk allows businesses to utilize the same signs no matter what the employee’s physical capabilities may be. Each retractable banner comes with a travel bag and retractable stand to make set up easy.


Have a bunch of events requiring the same message? Aside from the parameters set by the manufacturer, Burhani Signs, that ensure the banner is printed within safety margins so that all graphic elements are legible, the sign can contain information that is as specific or broad as desired. Depending on the target audience, there is limitless potential to utilize a banner at a variety of venues and occasions.


Made from the either 8.85 oz UV Printed Coated Polyester Fabric or 13 oz. Matte Vinyl Banner, these banners are made to last. Have an annual outdoor event? The UV coating keeps fading to a minimum so that you can use it year after year for as long as the message remains relevant with you and your business!
Whether you are a business presenting at a conference or a private individual having a class reunion or memorial service, a retractable banner, with adjustable stand and travel bag, is a convenient way to convey a message quickly and then again at another location. Work with our staff to create a quality sign that you can take anywhere, but that will also endure wherever you choose to set it up.

Wall Art to Set You Apart

wall mural

Doesn’t it seem like businesses all use the same artwork on their walls? You know-that generic and benign landscape that is forgotten even while one is looking at it? Why hang a picture above reception that leaves absolutely zero impression on anyone that walks in the door? It makes sense to instead use that wall space as an opportunity to set the tone for the whole office. Depending on the message you are trying to send or the vibe you want to embody, utilizing peel and stick wall art designed to your specifications can go a long way to making that space unique and memorable.

Set your business apart

Why waste your time hanging pictures using hooks that will just damage the walls of a building that you may be leasing anyway? Especially if you can’t be assured that your competitors aren’t hanging the exact same things on their walls, with the business name swapped out. It makes far more sense to design and commission a logo or wall graphic from Burhani Signs and Graphics to suit your company’s individual sense of style and business goals. With the high-resolution digital printing we offer, you can assure that whatever your needs, whether text or graphics, what you receive will be the very highest quality product sure to set your business apart by showcasing what sets it apart from others in the field.

Beyond mere business sensibility, using an individually designed wall graphic also lets you set a tone for everyone who works in your office or steps in the door. If you want to express whimsy or artistry, it is easy enough to incorporate scrollwork or creative embellishments in the graphics design. Conversely, a no-nonsense, formal business environment can be embodied by simple fonts and clean lines.

Personalize Your Space

Is this a family business? Maybe the owners (i.e., family members) can get together and design something that represents shared history or interests in common to grace multiple surfaces in the building or at multiple locations. Much the same as logos on t-shirts promote teamwork among those who wear them, wall graphics can provide the same as well as pride and inspiration.

At the end of the day, using wall graphics is an opportunity to tailor at least part of your environment to suit the mood you are striving for in your business. Truly, depending on the style of the lettering and the images chosen, the ambiance of your workspace can only be enhanced by creating wall graphics using Burhani Signs and Graphics to produce them. What you choose to do with the rest of the space, as far as furniture and flooring are concerned, can fall into space once we have set the tone by adorning your walls.